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The Singing Waiters

Spring will be here soon. And with the nicer weather, no question about it, will also come plenty of festivals, outdoor events and other festive occasions.  It’s also likely that you will know that most people choose to get married in spring or in summer.

Let me use this as an opportunity to talk a little about what you can do to make your next family event truly unforgettable.

singing-waiters-funWhether it’s your niece’s upcoming wedding reception, your company’s anniversary or their annual barbecue, most of the time music will be at the centre of such an event. Let’s be honest, crappy music can turn any otherwise great event sour, or at least make it seem quite boring.

As for my part, I never understood why people are willing to spend a fortune on everything else, say when they plan a wedding.

They  are willing to spend good money on flowers – and of course for foods and drink only the best is often good enough. This isn’t really that surprising seeing that most folks don’t get married too often anyway.

On the other hand,  I see it all the time how folks seem to pinch their pennies when it comes to the musical selection for the event. This is why I recommend that you should look into good surprise music entertainers such as The Singing Waiters.

The Singing Waiters are not only just better than your average wedding band. When they start singing and dancing, disguised as waiters and to everyone’s surprise, this can make your wedding reception really unforgettable for your guests.

One of my favourite things about The Singing Waiters is that they always try to engage with the guests at the party. It’s just so much more fun when folks are part of the show!


The Latest Furniture Creations By Mac+Wood

Reclaimed-Wood-Table Reclaimed-Wood-Coffee-Table reclaimed wood table-set-2 reclaimed wood table-set

(Images: Bespoke Dining Tables By Mac+Wood, London UK)

The British furniture designers at Mac+Wood have established an outstanding reputation not only here in the United Kingdom. Their unique and creative designs are now also highly sought after overseas – this includes the United States and Asia.

What makes those designs are different from others?

What sets Mac+Wood apart from other furniture designers is the fact that they are using reclaimed wood in their furniture creations. Not only makes the reclaimed wood for an outstanding look of Mac+Wood’s tables and benches, the use of reclaimed wood obviously also means that no trees are harmed in the making of those furniture designs. This is ECO furniture par excellence.

Here in my blog post I show you their dining benches so can get an impression of their creations. Another thing which may be interesting for those who like great furniture is that Mac+Wood is now also making office desks in the same outstanding style as their dining sets. Those are also made from reclaimed wood and steel.

The Value of Attending Private, Independent Schools

In today’s difficult economy and extremely competitive job market, parents need to think twice when it comes to their children’s education. Any factor that can help to increase the chances for getting a job later on should be considered.

private-schoolA lot of parents are now realising that public schools cannot always offer their children everything that they need for a good, well-rounded education.

In fact, those children who might be at a disadvantage due to learning difficulties may do rather poorly in many of our public schools in the United Kingdom.

This is no surprise seeing that today’s classrooms are often overcrowded with teachers often unable to focus on individual pupils.

Private, independent schools in the United Kingdom can offer many advantages for a better education. Smaller classes that enable teachers to better focus on their pupils are just one advantage of private schools.

Many of the U.K.’s renowned independent schools have such a good reputation that the simple mentioning of the school’s name on a CV can help to significantly increase one’s chances for a good career later on in life. In many cases, it doesn’t always have to be private schools of an Oxford or Cambridge top-grade-calibre to increase the chances to get hired. There are many more reputable private and independent schools in the United Kingdom which by and large can be a much better choice then their public school equivalents.

Extracurricular activities can be another factor why you would want to choose a private school for children

Private schools in the United Kingdom are often those educational institutions that can offer your children more than just traditional classes. For many families today, to know that there children are active in sports may be equally important. It is often independent schools who can offer better activities in that regard. The same is true for the arts and similar fields of interest. Only when a school can offer your children a vast variety of activities and study-interests to choose from it is possible to discover and then to actively support the children’s individual strengths.

You can learn all about it at the website for the private school in Hertfordshire. This is one private school I can personally recommend to you should you be in the Hertfordshire area.

If You Want to Learn Perfect Food Photography

One of the best ways to learn perfect photography is when you attend classes. If you’re interested in the field of food photography, I recommend that you check out the masterclasses by William Reavell.

Here are some more information for you: http://www.theguardian.com/guardian-masterclasses/2015/mar/17/food-photography-with-william-reavell-photography-course

Iif you’re interested in photography, you may possibly know renowned food photographer William Reavell’s. He has conducted extensive work working together with chefs such as Rick Stein and Mary Berry. So if you want to learn the secrets about professional fraud photography you may want to check out those training classes!

About E-Invoicing And How It Helped Me

I’m certainly not a photograph that is extremely high demand but even with my rather small number of clients, things can sometimes get quite hectic.

I have seen it myself how all the managing and organisation necessary for a business slowly tried to take over so I found myself in a position where I couldn’t find time for my actual work which  of course is photography!

electronic invoiceNeedless to say, I was looking for some ways to make things more efficient and to save some time here there.

And this is when I came across electronic invoicing. Let me just tell you a little bit about it.

Almost any business owner will know about the hassles invoicing customers. You will likely send an invoice together with your products be it photographs or whatever else  you may be selling. Then you will have to wait days if not weeks until your client finally paid you.

In some ways, this is very inefficient, if not to say very outdated!

See it like this: if you want to send someone a message today where you know that both of you have a computer, would you send a letter or postcard? Of course not! You can do the same and much better if you just send a quick email.

And this is the same principle that is at work with electronic invoicing. Rather than snail-mailing your invoice what you do is you email an e invoice. Your invoice is then digitally processed and sent to your client. Your client will automatically confirm that he received the invoice and can also process it instantly. In other words, no mailing of paper and no days of waiting like in the past!

For my business, e-invoicing made really a big difference. It’s not only easier and faster than old-fashioned invoices, it’s also incredibly easy and almost foolproof for yourself and your clients.