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About E-Invoicing And How It Helped Me

I’m certainly not a photograph that is extremely high demand but even with my rather small number of clients, things can sometimes get quite hectic.

I have seen it myself how all the managing and organisation necessary for a business slowly tried to take over so I found myself in a position where I couldn’t find time for my actual work which¬† of course is photography!

electronic invoiceNeedless to say, I was looking for some ways to make things more efficient and to save some time here there.

And this is when I came across electronic invoicing. Let me just tell you a little bit about it.

Almost any business owner will know about the hassles invoicing customers. You will likely send an invoice together with your products be it photographs or whatever else  you may be selling. Then you will have to wait days if not weeks until your client finally paid you.

In some ways, this is very inefficient, if not to say very outdated!

See it like this: if you want to send someone a message today where you know that both of you have a computer, would you send a letter or postcard? Of course not! You can do the same and much better if you just send a quick email.

And this is the same principle that is at work with electronic invoicing. Rather than snail-mailing your invoice what you do is you email an e invoice. Your invoice is then digitally processed and sent to your client. Your client will automatically confirm that he received the invoice and can also process it instantly. In other words, no mailing of paper and no days of waiting like in the past!

For my business, e-invoicing made really a big difference. It’s not only easier and faster than old-fashioned invoices, it’s also incredibly easy and almost foolproof for yourself and your clients.

The Latest Furniture Creations By Mac+Wood

Reclaimed-Wood-Table Reclaimed-Wood-Coffee-Table reclaimed wood table-set-2 reclaimed wood table-set

(Images: Reclaimed Dining Table Set By Mac+Wood, London UK)

The British furniture designers at Mac+Wood have established an outstanding reputation not only here in the United Kingdom. Their unique and creative designs are now also highly sought after overseas – this includes the United States and Asia.

What makes those designs are different from others?

What sets Mac+Wood apart from other furniture designers is the fact that they are using reclaimed wood in their furniture creations. Not only makes the reclaimed wood for an outstanding look of Mac+Wood’s tables and benches, the use of reclaimed wood obviously also means that no trees are harmed in the making of those furniture designs. This is ECO furniture par excellence.

Here in my blog post I show you their dining benches so can get an impression of their creations. Another thing which may be interesting for those who like great furniture is that Mac+Wood is now also making office desks in the same outstanding style as their dining sets. Those are also made from reclaimed wood and steel.